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The shopping guide will not tell you the hidden dangers of cracking of quartz stone countertops Source:  STONCWAY轻奢抗菌石英石     Newstime:  2021-04-21 14:07:48     person browsing

In modern times, most families choose high-quality quartz stone to make cabinet countertops.

Because quartz stone slabs have the greatest advantages of high hardness and zero penetration, there is no worry about oil penetration problems.Daily maintenance only needs to be wiped with clean water, which is simple, convenient and fast.

At present, there is no good way to repair the quartz stone after cracking. You can only ask the quartz stone manufacturer to apply for replacement of the countertop (provided that it is within the warranty period). So, how do we prevent quartz stone from cracking?


When purchasing, do not give up choosing the value because of the price. The cracking of ordinary artificial stone is serious, and almost 50% of them will crack within two years. High-quality quartz stone countertops are less likely to crack.


However, there are good and bad quartz stones. Some businesses use artificial marble to pretend to be quartz stones, and some manufacturers use the pouring production process. Although its price ischeaper, the quality is quite different from that of press plates.


The first choice is to choose products produced by formal manufacturers. According to our statistical data, the probability of cracking within 10 years is estimated to be about 1-2%, which is a relatively small proportion. When it is impossible to predict whether it will crack, we will try best to prevent it from cracking!


Secondly, consider the fabrication and installation of kitchen countertops. If the countertop needs to be cutout, try not to choose to drill on site. In addition, round corner cutout should be selected for openings, and right-angle cutout should be avoided as much as possible, because the possibility of cracking due to uneven force in the later period of right-angle cutout is extremely high.


When installing, you should choose to use the pad process instead of the plaste process to prevent the pad from cracking or deforming the countertop. The flatness of the cabinet must be adjusted during construction.


Kitchen countertops are used for a long time and high frequency, so you need to be cautious when choosing countertop brands. When choosing countertop brands, you should choose products produced by big brand manufacturers and choose reputable fabricators, so that you can get better product guarantees and after-sales service. 

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